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Ratchet and Alister:
Good VS Evil

Chapter 29: Final Takeover

Emeralds appeared in the small dull room. They blinked a few times so his vision could clear up perfectly. Sitting up it was then he noticed he was in a square concrete-like cellar - no windows, no doors; there was, however, a couple of wooden chairs and an old movie projector - one that required a film wheel like in the older human days.

Ratchet was puzzled as to why that was there but his questions were soon answered as Hunter suddenly appeared out of thin air into the room, causing the yellow Lombax to jump from surprise and fright. His mouth opened to say something but he slowly closed it, knowing it wasn't wise to say anything in front of the evil one.

One of his hands raised over to the chairs, gesturing Ratchet to sit on one of the chairs without saying a word but he had a slight smirk on his face as if to say 'you're going to love this'.

He swallowed nervously as he slowly stood up onto his feet, not taking his eyes off the other as he gradually made this way over to the furniture, finally sitting down. He watched as Hunter sat down too in the chair next to him, making his big ears lower in fear as he hoped he wouldn't do anything. His eyes snapped over to the wall - where the film was being projected onto - when the film began rolling.

All he saw was blurred and fuzzy moving images but it all eventually became clear. It was Tachyon's attack onto Fastoon.

Shivers were sent down Ratchet's spine and throughout his body from having to sit through watching about every organ being ripped out of many multiple Lombaxes, making him gag in horror and disgust as blood and guts was everywhere around the towns and villages on Fastoon; although on the inside he was full of sorrow for all his race that were murdered brutally. Soon after it closed in on a very familiar Lombax. Kaden. Emerald eyes' grew wide but before he could do anything else, he witnessed the final blow that Tachyon made which killed his father; and Hunter just made it even better by modifying the tape so it replayed that specific scene again and again.

The malicious one was laughing hysterically while the other was just sitting there jaw-dropped with tears rolling down his cheeks. After sitting in a state of shock and tears, Ratchet finally managed to get back up onto his feet and grabbed hold of the projector, trembling in slight frustration.

Angrily, Hunter questioned why his good self interrupted his movie, however his question was quickly answered with the projector being smashed against his head; that resulted knocking him out cold and falling off the chair. Afterwards, Ratchet faded back into reality, now laying back on his bed.

Sweat ran down his face and body from the nightmare he had, he curled up onto his side, not being able to get rid of the thoughts of what happened to his father and the other Lombaxes. He started to sob dramatically; the sudden emotional trauma made him nauseous so he quickly rushed to the bathroom, throwing up last night's dinner into the toilet. Coughing while covering his mouth, he shakily flushed the toilet before slowly getting up, washing his mouth out to get rid of the horrible taste in his mouth from being sick moments ago.

Ratchet walked out of the room slowly, looking over at the general's room as he just wanted to have a hug from feeling so upset. After making his mind up, he went over to Alister's bedroom down the hallway, quietly opening the door and stepping in, then clicking the door shut behind himself. Climbing onto the bed, he laid down beside the elder and hugged him.

Amber eyes were gradually seen in the darkness from being disturbed from his sleep, he looked down and noticed that the younger had appeared by his side. His eyebrow raised. "R-Ratchet...?" A yawn - still tired it seemed, not surprising seeing as it was three in the morning.

Silence. More tears. Closer cuddles.

Sorrow and concern filled his eyes. "Ratchet, what's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?"

His head moved to nod, burying his face into the other's chest after.

"Oh, Ratchet..." Strong arms were wrapped around the yellow Lombax, stroking the back of his soft furred head to help him relax as he knew that helped as he felt Ratchet calming down and not being tense any more. "...Would you like to sleep in here tonight? Just encase you get scared again?"

He nodded again.

"Very well."

A blanket was brought out from under the bed and then put over the smaller one so he wouldn't get cold during the night. His eyes fluttered shut, hoping to have a good night's sleep now that he was with Alister as he knew it would be too risky for Hunter to do anything - even if Alister had seen wounds appear over his body. The warm blanket was wrapped around himself more, curling up more beside Alister.

A little sigh was let out. Letting Ratchet get comfortable and fall asleep first, he then closed his own heavy eyes and went back to sleep too.

The following morning.

The elder was already up and making breakfast for himself and Ratchet in the kitchen, making something simple so it was only pancakes and a fruit salad drizzled in yoghurt along with some fresh coffee. He left Ratchet in his room so he could sleep for a while longer, knowing he needed it so much and because Ratchet wasn't exactly a morning person. He was glad that Kaden's son had a good night's sleep since he came into his bedroom. Smiling as he hoped that Ratchet had gotten better at last - clinging onto hope that it was a sign to a good path to his condition.

"Ugh..." He was awake now but still in the older Lombax's room. He glanced at his surroundings before rubbing over his face with his hands as he still felt tired. He got out of bed and walked out of the room, going into his own bedroom to get dressed into some casual clothes.

Ratchet was going to try and have a good day to forget his nightmare from last night. But right now he headed downstairs and went into the kitchen where Alister still was, seeing that breakfast was ready, causing a smile to appear on his face. "Morning, Alister. Breakfast looks awesome."

He looked over at the other, smiling back; happy that Ratchet smiled truly for the first time in months. "Good morning, Ratchet. And thank you, I hope you enjoy it."

They both sat down at the table and didn't hesitate to begin to eat their food. He smiled more, enjoying his food as he swallowed what he had in his mouth after chewing it thoroughly. "Man, your cooking never gets boring." Half a pancake was shoved into his mouth as he chewed it with a big grin over his face.

Swallowing his chewed food, glancing at the other again. "I'm happy to hear that. Although I'm pretty sure you would prefer take-away."

"Why would you say that? You're a really good cook."

"That may be true but I remember you telling me that you always use to get fast food because you 'can't' cook. I was just wondering if you wanted a change from my cooking and get take-away tonight instead." He interrupted the Lombax from speaking. "Just think of it as a treat for you. I know you would like it."

"Heh... Guess you know me too well... I guess it won't hurt to have Chinese take-away." He grinned more, forgetting what fast food actually tasted like from not having it for just under a year -ever since his situation with Hunter occurred. He just wished that that good planned out time with Alister - and possibly Clank too if he wanted to join - went soothingly, without having his evil self ruining anything.

"Okay then. Guess that's the plan for tonight. Maybe we could all watch a movie too."

"So as long as its not a horror or a romance one then I'll agree to that." Ratchet grinned again.

Azimuth nodded. "I agree with that too. We'll pick out a movie before dinner so its there ready."

Later in the evening.

Sunlight disappeared across the sandy land of Torren IV while a light breeze swept through the air, taking back the heat slightly but it didn't matter as no one was out at this time of the day. Two certain Lombaxes just had their Chinese take-away delivered though so Azimuth was sorting out the food they had ordered. An action movie was already chosen to be watched after they had eaten their dinner and possibly dessert if they had room for more - or if Alister even had anything sweet to eat in the house.

The younger one was just in his room after having a quick shower because he didn't have one in the morning after waking up. A yawn was let out while pulling out some clean clothes to wear until he went to bed. After getting dressed into a simple pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, he was about to go downstairs to have dinner with Alister until someone grabbed him by the scruff of the neck from behind, throwing him onto the bed - to muffle the thud of the landing - soon after before he had the chance to turn around to see who it was - although he guessed it was a very certain person he had seen too many times before.

A very angry Hunter pinned Ratchet down tightly onto the bed, covering his mouth to stop him from screaming out for help or from just being scared. Fire was clear in his ruby eyes from what the other did to him last night in Ratchet's bad dream.

Terror filled big green eyes from the look over the evil Lombax's face, so he began to struggle under the other's grips, just wanting to have a good night for once but he knew that was ruined now. He was going to pay for fighting back against Hunter whether he liked it or not.

A knife was pulled out from Hunter's pocket but instead of his famous grin over his face, a frown was there. "It's about time you pay for what you fucking did!"

Before Ratchet could do anything, the blade was stabbed deeply into his arm, feeling it going all the way through his limb - just scraping past the bone. His teeth were gritted together from the agony, squirming more in Hunter's firm hold.

"Stop squirming! Take the fucking pain and shut the hell up! It's about time I get what I want!" He slashed the knife across Ratchet's chest many times, loving the sight of his blood going everywhere - over them both and the bed. He then grabbed the Lombax by the ears and dragged him off of the bed. "I WILL have your body!" A grin finally appeared across his face - ear to ear. "And it's the perfect time to do it now." Hunter flung Ratchet over the room like a rag doll, watching as he crashed into the wall, smashing the photo-frame of Ratchet, Clank and Alister after saving the robot from Nefarious and after the mistake at The Great Clock.

He fell on top of the chest of draws, collapsing onto the floor a few seconds after from the impact, breathing heavily from having some broken ribs when he was smashed against the wall. His damaged body was trembling to badly but he still managed to slowly and shakily stand back up onto his feet after a few attempts.

His evil doppelgänger stomped over to him and shoved the knife deeply into the stomach, making him tense up and freeze as his eyes grew wide, unsure what to do as he felt his blood drizzle down his body and dripping off his lips, soaking his shirt and the hem of his pants. He felt the blade being pulled out of his body and was let go, he couldn't do anything but fall to the floor on his knees and then collapsing onto his side, holding his stomach wound as he felt so weak from the blood loss, watching helplessly as Hunter vanished just before Clank came running into the room to obviously see what all of the noise was about.

Clank rushed over to his best friend, wondering what happened as he heard a lot of rack coming up in the room from downstairs in the kitchen, he wasn't surprised that Alister didn't hear it because he was outside getting rid of the rubbish from the packaging the Chinese take-away came in. His bright glowing eyes then noticed that the bedroom looked like a horror-murder scene from all of the fresh blood and broken objects - especially the glass.

"...C-Clank..." Blood was coughed up, trying to get his robotic friend's attention as he needed to tell him everything before his time was up.

He turned back to Ratchet with worry in his eyes even if he was a machine. "Yes... Ratchet...?" He was so worried about his organic friend so he searched for some nanotech from where he was standing with his eyes but he couldn't see any, and he knew if he went off to go and get some then it would probably be too late seeing as Ratchet had already lost a lot of blood.

"I... I need to... to t-tell you... s-s-something..." He coughed harshly a few more times, panting a bit too before finally being able to speak again. "E-Everything... that has b-b-been... been g-going on..." He weakly looked up at his friend, his eyes slowly going red because he was finally giving up against Hunter, knowing he didn't have long to tell Clank the truth so he had to cut it all short. "Wh... Why I... I-I've been acting... l-l-like... this. The Jolf venom... r-released my... my e-evil self... c-c-c... c-called... H-Hunter..." Another couple of coughs. "He... t-t-takes over my... b-body to... try and harm o-o... others... S-S-o p-p-please..." A blaster was pulled out and slid along the ground towards Clank, making sure he took hold of it. A few tears fall down his face as he was scared of what Hunter would do if he took over for good. "Y-You have to... to end th-this f-f-f-for me... You h-h-have t-to kill me... b-before he t-takes over..."

Clank's eyes 'grew' wide in shock. "But I do not wish to hurt you, Ratchet! You are my friend!"

"I-I know... and we always w-will be... but H-Hunter will hurt y-y-you... and our other f-friends... I'm s-s-s-sorry... but... t-th-this is the only w-way t-to s-s-stop him... P-Please, Clank... please, k-kill h-him before... b-before he..." He groaned in pain as he felt his evil self taking over for the last and final time. His teeth were gritted together as he then covered his mouth, muffling his screams while tears streamed down his cheeks in fear because he didn't want to die. All of his life flashed before his eyes - all of his adventures with Clank and his other friends, all of the good times he had with them, just everything. His eyes then clenched shut as he completely gave in to Hunter.

Golden fur grew darker. Sharp grey claws and teeth grew. The tips of the ears spilt. The tail grew all bushy like a wolf's. A long green snake-like but bigger tongue replaced the ordinary Lombax tongue. The Holoflux armour formed around and onto Ratchet's changing body but something was different about it. Red. The pads on the armour were glowing bright red, not light blue.

The blaster is lowered slightly. "Ratchet...?"

Hysterical laughing.


The robot lifted the weapon back up and went to shoot for the evil Lombax that replaced his good friend but the gun was smacked right out of his hand before he could of shot him. He was then grabbed up by the other and pinned high up against the wall. "Look how pathetic you are! Struggling is only going to make your consequences worse!"

He glared at Hunter while squirming in his tight grip. "What have you done with Ratchet?"

A grin formed over his lips as his pure red eyes looked up at the other. "Let's just say he's in a better place - in one where he won't be coming back for a long, long time..."

"You are a monster!"

His ears had heard that simple sentence many times from his good self so he was never bothered by it. "Aww, that wasn't nice." Hunter mocked. Keeping the robot up against the wall he picked up the blaster. "What should your punishment be?" The barrel of the gun was pointed at Clank's chest but just about when he was about to blow up the robot's system he was jabbed hard in the nose by a small mechanical hand, causing him to yelp out and drop Clank. He growled dangerously at the small robot as he took off running away from him. "YOU-! YOU RUSTY LITTLE TIN-CAN! YOU DIE FIRST!" The blaster was charged as he chased Clank around the room while shooting at him but missed every time.

Soon after Azimuth rushed into the room as he was more than convinced that something was going on upstairs when he heard shouting and loud noises when he was downstairs. "What's going-!?" He quickly ducked when a shot was coming his way. He then had Clank hiding behind one of his legs for protection a few seconds after standing back up.

Hunter turned to the elder Lombax, panting lightly from the running. "YOU!" His ears lower but a smirk appeared over his face again, aiming the gun at Alister's head. "I've been waiting a LONG time for THIS!"

His yellowish eyes grew wide at the sight of 'Ratchet'. "What the? No, it can't be- Ratchet, what's happened to you?"

"Ratchet isn't HERE anymore!" He fired a shot at Alister's head but missed - seemed like he wasn't brilliant at handling a gun yet.

"What are you talking about?! Why are you acting like this?!" He felt a tug on one of his pants' legs which caused him to glance down at the little robot beside him, wondering on what-on-Fastoon he needed to tell him at a time like this with 'Ratchet' trying to kill them.

"Alister, it is urgent that we leave away from here right now! I will explain everything as we make our escape!" If his sensors were correct then Azimuth was completely confused and worried about what was going on with Ratchet - well, now Hunter. Before he could think any more him and the elder both dodged a few more blaster shots coming from the younger, destructive Lombax.

"OH NO! NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE!" Hunter shot a lot of times at Azimuth who dodges them all by an inch. "I'm better with my knives, not this stupid gun!"

While the dark-furred Lombax was distracted with trying to handle a gun better, he glanced over to the door and then to Clank, grabbing the robot as he ran for the door, he rushed down the stairs as fast as possible with the other commanding them to get back to him. His feet bolted him over to the front door, he slammed the door shut and locked it behind them before dragging Clank behind the house toward his ship.

Soon a pissed off Lombax kicked the door down and glanced around with rage bubbling in his lithe but now-robust body. "Damn it! Where are they?" His big, triangular ears perked up from hearing engines whirring, he turned his body around to locate where the sound was coming from quickly to only see Alister's ship lifting into the sky. "AZIMUTH!"

Driving the ship through space, he was heading to Axiom City on Planet Terachnos to tell Dr. Jackson what had happened to Kaden's son. Being curious he turned his head to face Clank for a few seconds. "Clank, what's happened to Ratchet?"

"That's not Ratchet, that's-"


An invading aircraft appeared on Azimuth's dashboard's radar - causing lights to flash and blink brightly to warn the driver - which, of course, was Hunter flying Aphelion towards their ship while trying to shoot the engines out. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! So... you two really think you can escape me, huh? Well, you won't get away that easily." His voice sounded a little crackly through Aphelion's radio as he forced the contact through to the other's ship. Another launched attack was then fired at the elder's starship.

Sorrow filled his yellow and brown-red eyes. "Ratchet, why are you doing this? What's wrong with you?"

"Seriously, Clank hasn't told you yet? I'm hurt." Well if he didn't shoot them the first time the small robot would of had the chance to tell the organic, silly Lombax; he did not know that though. Yet again, another blast was shot but Azimuth seemed to avoid that one. "I told you once old man, Ratchet isn't here anymore. The name's Hunter and I'm gonna make sure you and everyone else who tried to stop me will never live to see another day!"

"What are you-!" The older one was cut off when a loud explosion hit the ship, causing the vessel to wobble from a blown-out engine. He tried to steer the ship as best as possible to stop them from tumbling around in space from getting shot so many times at the rear of the Lombax star-fighter; no matter how hard he tried, they ended up falling and rolling through space down into and through Terachnos' atmosphere. A few minutes later and the damaged ship crashed down onto Terachnos while parts of the machine went flying, quickly turning the area into a wreckage from just one thing being smashed by the impact of the 'landing'.

A white Lombax stumbled out of the completely demolished ship along with a little robot by his side - more like his feet really. The elder held his head from having a hammering headache, a few wounds and cuts glimmered with fresh blood but he could deal with the pain. His eyes glanced around their surroundings. "I-It's lucky we didn't crash far from Axiom City."

Before their luck could get any better it just got a whole lot worse as Aphelion landed near the crash sight, moments after a very familiar Lombax hopped out of the ship with a blaster in one hand and a knife in the other. "Oh, Azimuth!" He taunted.

"Come on!" Grabbing Clank again, he started to run through the outskirts of the city with Hunter hot on their heels, shooting at them with his gun. He made sure to dodge every blast as he didn't want to be slowed down, he didn't have time to be brought to mercy by an evil Ratchet.

"You can run, but you can't hide! You two can't dodge me forever!" They rushed into the blue-light filled city and covered about six miles before Alister and Clank reached the hospital; it was until then did Azimuth get hit in the back by one of Hunter's shots, the forced made him stumble into the doors which opened automatically after sensing his body heat.

Dr. Jackson was seen in the lobby of the hospital and he saw the Lombax and robot, wondering why they were there and made such an entrance into the building. He approached and helped the elder up. "Alister, are you alright? What happened?"

"It's Ratchet... He... He-"

"Well, well, well. Visiting the doc again, huh? I'll never forget how many times you kept me in this place!" The knife in his tight grip was raised in a threatening way. "I'm gonna ENJOY killing all of you!" Evil laughter filled the air around them all.

The Cazar turned his direction over to the female receptionist quickly, telling her to phone the Galactic Rangers for help, and then focusing back on Hunter. He watched at the dark-golden furred one pointed the blaster at the girl behind the desk, saying, "call them and you're dead."

He swallowed slightly nervously, trying to reason with the other - the one that use to be his patient. "Ratchet... you need to-"

"RATCHET'S NOT HERE! Honestly, how many times do I have to repeat that?!" His famous grin cracked across his face as he looked at the doctor, general, and Orvus' son. "Don't die too quickly, I want my fun to last." He stalked menacingly toward the other three. "Hmm, who should I start with first?" Again, the blade is pointed but at Clank that time. "Should it be you?" Then at Dr. Jackson. "Or what about you?" Spotting out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed the receptionist getting off of the phone, without hesitating he threw the dagger which impaled her right between the eyes, killing her instantly - horror filled screams by nurses, patients and visitors soon followed after. "I told you NOT to call anybody!"

Everyone in the silence all started with horror-struck faces from what just happened, only quiet whimpering from the innocent people in the lobby could be faintly heard.

A smirk appeared over his face from their reactions. "Now... where was I?"

"You need to stop right this instance!" They watched helplessly as Hunter advanced closer. "Stop! Now!" Sweat ran down his brown furred face as he didn't know what they could do but they had to buy time until the Rangers got here to arrest Hunter for all the damage and murder he had done.

The Lombax stopped in front of the three of them and spread his arms out as if he was tired of explaining everything about what he was doing and why. "Why should I? Hmm? You all deserve this for keeping me in... Now, who wants to die first?" His pure, ruby eyes flickered over at the older one, raising his gun at his chest. "Age before beauty, general."


"What the-?!"

A stray blast hit Hunter straight in the shoulder, causing him to collapse onto the ground backwards from the surprise action; Lyrica stepped forward with her own gun in hand, locating herself beside Dr. Mark Jackson. "What's going on in here?" She was just trying to go over her records and conversations with Ratchet to try and figure a way out how to help him with Hunter, doing all kinds of research about the Jolves but it was all a failure as she got no where from where she was at the beginning.

He grumbled a little, rubbing his shoulder as he stood back up, soon seeing the Markazian, making him grin in excitement. Green goo oozed out of his shot wound in his shoulder and covered it, slowly mending it over because of the Jolf infection pulsing in his body. "Oh, it's you. I was wondering when we'd meet again."

She gasped as her eyes grew wide in slight anxiety as well as disturbance. "H-Hunter?!"

His grin only grew wider. "Finally! It's about time somebody recognized me!"

Lyrica's handgun was only then pointed back at Hunter, narrowing her eyes. "You've taken over Ratchet's body?!" She knew it was a stupid question as Hunter looked more Jolf-like than before. Her teeth were uncovered in anger as she hated herself for failing Ratchet but she forced herself not to cry as she knew he wouldn't of wanted her to, she had to be tough if she was to fulfil Ratchet's promise to keep him safe from Hunter no matter how long it took her.

"I certainly have! And there isn't anything you can do about it! He's long gone!" Hunter cackled evilly. His spilt-ended ears twitched faintly when he picked up the sound of a threatening snarl coming from Azimuth. "Aww, what's the matter, general? Sad that you've lost your best friend and now the son of that friend?" Oh, how he did love to mock that foolish moron.

The safety trigger was pulled back on her pistol as she wouldn't allow that evil monster that hurt Ratchet to defeat anyone else in his path. "You bring Ratchet back this instant!"

His laughter just got louder as he was enjoying this so much. "You would like that, wouldn't you?" Seriousness suddenly crossed his face as a long frown fell down it, aiming his blaster at Lyrica now. "Read. My. Lips, woman. I'm in control now. I like being free. I can do whatever I want when I want with nothing holding me back now. I've waited too long to show my true colours to the universe and you think I'm just gonna give up my freedom now for that pathetic excuse for a weakling you call a hero? Please."

"You-! You monster!" Azimuth barked out.

"Ahh, now that wasn't very nice, was it, GENERAL? Hee hee! Don't you like what I've done to your deceased best friend's son?" He heard the other growl from the question, knowing he didn't have an answer to it or that he just didn't want to answer it. "My, my. You're quite the one to tease, aren't you? Maybe I should leave you for last." Another grin then stretched from ear-to-ear before he glimpsed over to Lyrica with the gun still pointing at her. "Actually... Maybe YOU should do first." He pulled the trigger but the blaster clicked again. "What the hell?" Checking the ammo count, he mumbled, "damn, not a good time to run out of ammo."

Clank then tackled Hunter's legs with all the strength he had, only just managing to literally cause the Lombax to fall to the ground after being distracted with checking his Constructo Pistol. "Everyone quickly! We must apprehend Hunter immediately!"

Quickly after a hand whacked the robot off him. "Get off of me, you walking pile of scrap!" His attention was snapped over to the armed female as she fired a couple more shots but he acted fast and rolled out the way, jumping to his feet. Azimuth then set his wrench to maximum power and launched an electric ball of energy however he ducked. "C'mon, you'll have to do better than that!"

Alister charged at Hunter, yelling in fury while swinging his wrench, blasting more electric balls at the annoying, little brat; unfortunately he dodged every attack with ease. "HA! You really think you can-!" Before he could finish his sentence his neck was caught between one of the elder's wrench head and his whole body was slammed into the wall with his feet high off the ground.

His hands gripped the wrench's head, noting that the scene was much like when his doppelgänger first met the white-furred use-to-commander but this time the Lombax was more full of rage. "Would you really kill me? You'd kill Ra-" He felt the wrench close in on his neck but still he managed to put a smirk on his face with a dangerous glint in his crimson eyes. "You wanna play?" One of his hands slipped off the wrench and reached into his pocket quickly, pulling out a knife. "I'll play!" His foot kicked Alister in the stomach hard, causing the elder to stumble backwards and release him.

Hunter moved with speed toward the other with his blade raised but Azimuth parried his swing with his trusty Praetorian wrench. The smaller, but equally strong, Lombax pulled back but then stride onward again with a powerful strike, battered his enemy back as their weapons clashed; they engaged in a brief sword flight-like combat before locking their weapons against each other, pushing back and forth in a domination of strength. The general got the upper hand at first and began to push Hunter back, sweat started to clot in his old sandy fur as he was tiring out. The other noticed, grinned, and booted him hard enough in the chest to knock the wind out of him.

"You're losing your touch, general." Hunter said, crossing his arms.

He heaved heavily as he held his chest from where he was hit, being sure it cracked a couple of his ribs at least. "I-I'm disappointed in y-you. How c-c-could you do something like this? If Kaden was alive, he'd be ashamed."

"Oh, really?"

He glowered slightly, gradually strolling over to Alister with daggers in his eyes. "Well, you see, I'm not Ratchet. Therefore, that sorry excuse of a Lombax, Kaden, has nothing to do with me." Stepping in front of the other Lombax, he glared at him. "And neither do you." The knife was raised, readying for a striking finishing attack. "How about I give you a family reunion?" He swung down the dagger but Azimuth used his wrench to block the coming attack with the strength he had left.

"I'm not... giving you the p-pleasure, I'm afraid..." The elder snarled and bared his canines, not accepting defeat yet.

Ratchet's evil self only pushed down on his knife which led the wrench to lower over time, slowly but it was proceeding. "You can't keep this up. So, why don't you just give in? Don't you want to finally be with the Lombaxes... forever?" From being too concentrated on what he was doing, he didn't see Lyrica sneaking behind him, raising the butt of her blaster. "Look at you. A washed-up general laying on the floor in defeat. How can you possibly be disappointed in me when everything that happened in the past twenty years of your life was YOUR fault? Do I need to remind that it was YOU who betrayed the Lombaxes with your trust in Tachyon? YOU who gave away all the Lombax secrets so Tachyon can destroy them and cause Kaden to stay behind and get killed?" His eyes shined with rage. "You claimed he would be ashamed, but he wouldn't be ashamed of me, he'd be ashamed of YOU!"

His head bowed in guilt, soon letting Hunter's knife come closer and closer to his heart. He was only playing along as he did notice Miss. Anderson about to attack Hunter, but from what Hunter said he just knew all of that was true. Every single word he spoke spelled the truth, he hated himself for what he did to the Lombaxes, but he would never be told that in defeat. Not by Ratchet's evil self. Not when he knew Kaden's son was still in there somewhere.

"And now it's high time you paid the price..."
Good VS Evil chapter 29
I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter - the next one is the last and final one of GVE so get your popcorn ready and see what happens next soon! :D

Ratchet, Alister Azimuth, Clank, Markazain/Lombax/Cazar species (C) Insomniac Games

Hunter, Dr. Jackson, Jolf species, GVE story (C) Me

Lyrica (C) Me and Ayuki-Karpy

Cover (C) fetchmonkey
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Ratchet and Alister:
Good VS Evil

Chapter 28: The Highs and the Lows


No answer.

"Ratchet?! Where are you?!"

His voice was only taken away by the dusty wind as soon as he opened his mouth. They had been searching for the younger Lombax for a while now and not having any clues as to where he could have gone didn't settle his mind. It was already dark outside which didn't help their search, the breeze was chilly too. The elder Lombax cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled out for the other again while walking around. "RATCHET?!" Where in Fastoon is he?

White ears were perked to the highest point to try and listen for a response but unfortunately nothing was heard again. Worry was clear through his voice and expressions as he wondered around Torren IV near his home as he didn't think Ratchet would have gone that far. He was frantic about the other's safety as he had no protection with him - no armour or weapons - making him vulnerable out in the open.

He was about to call out the younger's name again until something caught his eye. Blood. Trails of blood at the edge of the path, immediately reminding him that Ratchet was bleeding badly before running away.

Following the sprinkle of what-seemed-to-be-dried-blood he was soon led to where a ditch was where the trail stopped. Amber eyes glanced around carefully - looking for anything suspicious in the area but he couldn't see anything out of place. Having no other leads, Azimuth decided to go down the steep edge to reach the ditch, bending his knees a little to make it easier. It took a good amount of time before finally coming to the bottom. His eyes grew wide at the sight. Ratchet - an unconscious Ratchet curled up on the dirty ground covered in dry blood.

The elder rushed down to the younger's side and checked for a pulse, it was faint but there was one. The body of Ratchet felt cold - even feeling it through his gloves - and was shivering. His terrified eyes then noticed that some of his wounds were still bleeding, it was slow but still bad as he didn't know how much blood he had lost. Taking another quick look over the boy he then came to a decision that it was okay to pick him up.

Sliding his arms gently underneath the limp Lombax he held him close to his chest before standing back up on his two feet. He contacted Clank and told him Ratchet was with him and they were on their way home.

While walking Alister looked down at the one in his arms before sighing sorrowfully, he just wanted everything to be how it use to be; he doubted it though as he knew Ratchet would never be the same after all of the nightmare was over. He had failed to protect him. He failed Kaden's wish. He promised to support and care for Ratchet if he ever met him in the future - which he did of course. He blamed himself for letting the younger get this bad, and even for getting bitten in the first place back on Grenpud months ago now. He knew he should have acted faster to save him in time. Felt like it was his fault. Oh, Kaden... You probably hate me from making your son go through this pain... I just... don't know what to do... I'm sorry...

He blinked the tears forming in his saddened eyes away. He had to stay strong for Ratchet.

The next moment Azimuth knew, he was outside his house. Blinking a few times, he shook his head, he always seemed to doze off when thinking. Just managing to open the door, he walked inside and closed the door with his foot, still trying to be careful with the sleeping Lombax he was carrying.

He noticed Clank was already here and stepping over to them with worry clear across his face.

"Is he okay? Is he hurt bad?"

"He is fine. He little cold and dirty but I can take care of that. I'll just go clean him up and put him in bed to rest." And with that, Alister took Ratchet to the bathroom and settled him in the bathtub before grabbing a cloth. He added warm water and a little bit of soap to it, after that was sorted the golden fur on the other's body was being wiped over with the cloth to get rid of the dirt and blood. It took a few long minutes but in the end Ratchet's fur with nice and clean.

The elder used another cloth, an un-moistened one, to dry the fur before taking him out of the tub and carrying him to the guest room where he slept.

Once the young one was tucked in bed Alister sat in the chair next to the bed. He watched him sleep as he thought about the other's behaviour over the past several months. Everything was getting out of hand. He was suspicious enough when he saw him covered in fresh blood and wounds, but now it just kept growing and growing the more he thought about all the previous events.

A sigh.

I know Ratchet's hiding something, but why would he lie about not getting hurt by someone... Unless he was... harming himself again... No. I can't think like this again. I just need to relax and keep an eye on Ratchet while he sleeps. Maybe I'll pick up some information.

Over the time Ratchet slept Azimuth kept a close eye on him and reported the younger's condition to Dr. Jackson after he stayed in a comatose for a week. He was getting rather worried about Ratchet because he was scared that he would never wake up again. Clank kept reassuring him that everything was going to be fine yet again, he just had to keep his faith and hope up for the yellow Lombax.

The elder Lombax was so exhausted from looking after the other so much, he really started to notice these past few months when Ratchet was getting worse. However he would be there for him all the time as he wanted to help. He sighed and just decided to carry on making dinner, hoping that Ratchet would at least wake up soon, however he would wait as long as he needed to. He knew this would keep the Lombax out of trouble if he was asleep, as bad as it sounded, it was true.

Whimpering, a couple of tears fell down his golden cheeks, having another nightmare with Hunter torturing him, mumbling random things in his sleep as he tossed and turned on his bed. His ears twitched when the bedroom door opened, Alister appearing into the room seconds after.

Amber eyes wonder over to the Lombax in bed, his ears fell when he saw that he was moving about, knowing it was obviously another nightmare but he was surprised because that was the first time he had moved while being asleep for one week straight. His ears then perked up again from hearing the younger mumbling but he couldn't quite pick up what he was saying as it was quiet.

"No... You... You c-can't... Stop... please... Just l-let me g-g-go... I... I'm... b-begging y-y-you..."

Azimuth walked over to the double bed to try and wake up the Lombax. "Ratchet? Ratchet, please wake up. It's only a-" His eyes grew wide in horror as bloody wounds started to appear all over Ratchet's body. "What...?" Anguish washed over his face and filled in his eyes as he desperately tries to wake him up now, beginning to shake one of his shoulders but he didn't want to hurt him further so he did it mildly, wondering what the heck was going on and why Ratchet was getting covered in wounds and bruises when nothing was hitting him.

He sat up screaming the next second right after when the bad hallucinated dream ended, he was panting heavily from the blood loss and from being so petrified by the cause of the torturing during the nightmare. His eyes then witnessed Alister gaping at him with a suspicious yet concerned face, forgetting about his stinging wounds now as he was remarkably anxious about what the older one would think about what he obviously just saw.

He doesn't know what to say or do because he was just traumatized from what he witnessed moments ago.

Knowing that he was caught red handed, he opened his mouth to tell Alister about Hunter and the truth about what had happened over the past several months, however he refrained when he noticed Hunter standing behind the elder and glaring dangerously at him with his arms crossed, giving him a look to not tell the elder or he would die.

His bottom lip trembled as he crawled backwards on the bed in terror, quivering madly and then gripping onto his head fur tightly, not caring if he was pulling out his fur.

White ears fell flat against his head again as he had no idea why Ratchet was freaking out all of a sudden. "Ratchet, it's okay. There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not mad at you. Just please, calm down." He slowly approached the younger, not wanting to scare him even more.

"NOOOO!" Panicking more was just making Hunter laugh in joy but he didn't take any notice because he was just worried about Alister's safety right now. He watched as the evil Lombax grinned darkly while holding up a knife as if he was ready to stab Alister from behind. Ratchet fell off of the bed with a loud thud after crawling back too far, he ignored his wounds which were throbbing with pain even more now and curled into a tight ball in the corner of the room right by the bed, his whole body shivering.

"Ratchet!" He acted fast and rushed over to the boy in fear, not knowing what else to do he just simply pulled Ratchet into a gentle embrace, trying to at least get him to stop crying and calm down, he whispered in golden ears. "It's alright... I'm here... Just calm down... Nobody is going to hurt you."

Not doing at first he just carried on weeping with more tears falling down his face, he then hesitated but wrapped his arms around the elder a few moments later, gradually managing to stop crying but he was still shivering in fear from what happened in the nightmare and the threat Hunter made about killing Alister. He knew the other was so confused about what just happened but he pushed the thought aside and just concentrated on happy memories to wipe away from bad ones.

"There we go... Just take deep breaths now..."

Clank was watching the whole thing from the doorway because he was extremely worried when he heard his best friend scream earlier, he didn't want to go up to the Lombaxes as he didn't want to disturb them or cause Ratchet to get more worked-up.

He did as Alister said and slowly took in deep breaths and then exhaled them out again, repeating this many times to help calm him down. Closing his eyes, he focused on the warm hug and the other's coaching voice which was actually reassuring to himself. He sniffled a little from crying, slowly pulling away from his father figure once he had settled down, mumbling. "S-Sorry..." His ears stayed low against his head because he knew Alister was going to mention what just happened.

A quiet sigh left his mouth and his broad shoulders slouched a bit. "You don't need to apologize, Ratchet..." He didn't want to bring up what happened yet as he knew that the younger didn't want to talk about it, and he wasn't going to mention it when he just mentally broke down. Slowly standing up, not wanting to startle Ratchet, he glanced down at the Lombax. "Hey. Why don't I go make you something to eat and drink?" He smiled slightly, trying to lighten up the boy.

His emerald eyes took a glimpse up at Alister from where he was kneeling on the floor before studying the floor again, wiping his eyes and cheeks dry from sobbing earlier. Nodding his head once to the question the other asked him, his tail curled as he gradually stood up too.

One of his hands rubbed the tuff of fur on top of Ratchet's golden furred head in reassurance. "You just sit and I'll be right back." He then lowered his hand and walked away, leaving the room and heading downstairs again. Stepping into the kitchen he went back over to the cooker and saw that his homemade vegetable soup was almost ready to be served. He collected two bowls and spoons for himself and Ratchet when the soup was fully heated through.

He exhaled heavily and then sat down on the edge of his bed, glancing over to the door to only see Clank standing there. A smile was forced onto his face, tilting his head to the side a bit as if to say he could come into the room. "Hey, pal..."

"Hello, Ratchet." His little feet moved which brought him over to Ratchet, climbing onto the bed and then sitting down beside his organic friend. "Is there anything you want to tell me? Or do for you?"

Staying silent for a while, he then looked at Clank, shrugging his shoulders. "Got any nanotech...?" His wounds were still bleeding but not as much as they were before, they were just mainly stinging like mad now.

He searched through his chest compartment and soon pulled out two orbs of nanotech, passing them to the Lombax carefully. "Are you okay, Ratchet?" He was anxious about the cuts over his friend's body, wondering what happened because he didn't see what Alister saw when Ratchet was still asleep.

His whole body tensed up from the question, knowing he had to lie yet again to his friend. His ears perked up and smiled at Clank to try and convince him that he was completely fine. "Yeah... Sure I am. Just a bit tired and achy, that's all..." After he said that, his hands smashed the orbs against each other, smothering the blue healing substance over his wounds, sighing out in relief that his wounds disappeared along with the pain.

His detectors always sensed that Ratchet lied when he said he was fine, and it was undeniable that he was hiding something anyway because his condition was getting more hellish as the days went by; he just still didn't understand why his friend wasn't telling them anything. He assumed that Ratchet was at least telling Lyrcia about what was going on as he knew the therapist couldn't tell anyone else at all about all of the information and stories the Lombax had told her, and he knew that Lyrica kept her word - the same with Dr. Jackson - because she was a really wonderful and smart person.

The following day, 10am.

Ratchet was in Lyrica's office on planet Igliak in the Praxus Sector of the Polaris galaxy. He was at a therapy session again but was waiting inside of Miss. Anderson's office because her and Alister were having a quick chat outside. Even if he didn't know what the conversation between the two was about, he had a very good guess that it was about him. Sighing heavily, he looked out of the window from where he was sitting on the big cushioned window sill, watching the world go by as he had nothing else to do until Lyrica came back into the room. His back was leaning against the wall where he was sitting because it was comfortable for him.

"Ya know weeping like this isn't going to solve anything."

The golden Lombax glanced in front of him, spotting Hunter sitting opposite but in the same position as him on the cushioned window sill area, his ears folded back before gazing back out the window, grumbling, "what do you want...?"

His nose turned up slightly from the other's attitude. "Hmph... No need to act like that, just... came to check up on you and your visit here to that Markazian." A big grin split across his face as his ears perk up in enthusiasm too.

Glaring out of the corner of his eye, he growled. "Don't you dare try anything..."

Hunter tapped his nose as if to say it was a secret, smirking more. "I'll be listening." Ratchet then watched as he disappeared from his sight, shivering from the thought and looked worried encase the evil one was going to do anything while he was speaking with Lyrica.

Meanwhile, Azimuth was just discussing with Miss. Anderson that Ratchet had done self-harming but won't admit it to him or Clank, not anyone; also mentioning that when the younger ran off and he didn't find him until hours later, not waking up until a week later too, along with explaining what he saw yesterday while Ratchet was asleep during the nightmare. "I just don't get it. I know I wasn't hallucinating because Clank saw the wounds too, just that he didn't see them appear all over Ratchet's body. It's really strange but I don't know how it happened; I didn't even think it was possible.

"Hmm... That certainly is unusual..." She made it seem like she had no clue what was going on because she didn't want anyone else to know about Hunter - she promised Ratchet, and she didn't want anyone else to be on that devil's kill list. She tapped her chin in thought before lowering her hand, pushing her glasses up her nose after to see better. "I'll see what I can get out of him. Don't worry, Mr. Azimuth. I always try my best to help my clients, especially Ratchet because of his situation." A gracious smile came into view on her face. "Trust me. I know what I'm doing."

The elder Lombax grieved a little bit, ears lowering against his head. "Okay. Just try your best..." After that was said he began to walk away, leaving the building soon after because he knew he didn't need to be back until a couple of hours later when the therapy session finished. He found his ship in the parking lot, getting into it and flying off. He was going to get some shopping as they needed some more food, thinking about getting Ratchet his favourite dessert for tonight.

After watching Azimuth walk away she then went into her office at last, going over to the other Lombax and smiling warmly at him. "Sorry about that, Alister just wanted to chat with me." Sitting down in her chair at her desk, she collected the folder from the sessions she had with Ratchet. "So, how have you been lately, Ratchet? Anything new happened with... you know who...?"

Flinching at the question, he glanced down at his hands, not really wanting to talk about his self-harming problem at all, being glad he was wearing gloves today. "Umm..." Exhaling heavily out of his nose, he looked over at her while shrugging and mumbling, "I... I've been better obviously... And well... Not m-much... Just that he... he... did it again... and... A-Alister s-s-saw the wounds... I panicked and screamed and trembled badly... Hunter was taunting me behind Alister's back..." His eyes then took a glimpse down at his lap in remorse for the reason that he didn't know what to do, just feeling like giving up so much just to get everything over and done with, so he didn't have to feel all the agony any more, but he knew that Lyrica wouldn't let him do that.

She sighed quietly because she knew Hunter wasn't going to give up until he got what he wanted - to take over Ratchet's body forever. "Right... I'm presuming you didn't think of that happy place I told you to think about whenever something like this happened...?" Even if she looked at him in wonder, it was an obvious answer that he didn't or it just didn't work because the evil self inside of the younger was too strong for anything to work now.

"...No... I-I'm sorry but I forgot..."

"There's no need to apologize, Ratchet. It's okay, I'm not mad at you for not doing it. I just don't want you to get hurt any more by that monster..."

He mumbled under his breath, "Neither do I..." Turning his observance to the window, watching as the people and hovercars moved around the city near the bottom of the building they were in at the moment.

"...Can I ask you something, Ratchet?" She wanted to get his attention straight away so she didn't wait for him to answer her first question. "Alister told me about what happened... and he mentioned that about a week ago you cut your wrists and forearms..." A pause. "Did Hunter make you do it?"

"...It doesn't matter any more... It's already been done, there's nothing no one can do for me..."

She wasn't stupid and knew he was just trying to avoid the question but she wouldn't let him so she tried to encourage him to explain what happened to make him do it, not expecting that someone like him would do this but then again his evil self wasn't helping by trying to break him down to take over his body. "It's alright, you can tell me what happened. Remember, I promised that I would keep all of our conversations between you and me." She knew Hunter could obviously hear them but she didn't mention it for the sake of Ratchet to not get uncomfortable.

His emerald eyes gazed over to her for a moment then back at his hands, slouching his shoulders too while leaning back against the wall behind him, peering out of the window from where he was sitting on the cushioned window sill. "...I know I can... But basically, I just wanted to end the nightmare for myself... but I couldn't do it... So I thought that I could just give myself a bit of pain to show Hunter that I would kill myself if he tried to take over my body... I know I shouldn't have cut myself at all but, I don't know... it just... kinda happened once I got the idea into my head..." He knew that it was a lousy excuse but it was the truth.

Now that Ratchet explained why he cut himself like that she was more worried about him because that he wanted to kill himself; she knew there was another way, he just needed to believe it, intending that he was strong enough to fight back but it had been going on far too long for him to cope with it all which was the bad thing. "Well, can you at least promise me that you won't do it again? You've already been in enough pain as it is, you don't need all of this self-harming to make it worse for yourself and better for Hunter."

"But I-"

"You might think that it is going you some good but it really isn't."

His tail wrapped around his ankle lightly from what she said, guessing she was right but she didn't understand how he felt all of the time, not being able to know when his evil self was going to strike next - if he was going to take over or not. "...I guess so..." His ears drooped more as he wished that he could just open the window and jump off of the tall building but something was holding him back form doing it so he stayed perched where he was sitting on the cushioned area of the window sill.

A couple of hours later...

The younger had told Lyrica everything he needed to, giving her updates on the circumstancing between himself and Hunter. He was just waiting for Alister to come and pick him up now so was just talking with Lyrica about his previous adventures when he first became a galactic hero in the Solana galaxy.

Soon after they heard someone knocking at the door which caused Ratchet to stop talking. The Markazian glanced at the Lombax and smiled softly. "I'll go and get that." She then stood up and strolled over to her office door, opening it up to only see the white elder Lombax standing there. "Hello, Mr. Azimuth. You're just on time really, he's ready to go now."

He smiled back at her. "That's good to hear. Thank you again for doing this for him." He knew that she had assisted Ratchet as much as possible and it certainly had helped him mentally so he was glad for that. All he wondered about was if Ratchet told her about what was really gong on with him at least.

Speaking of Ratchet, he roamed up to the door where the other two were, seeing Alister just outside the office. "Hey..." A grin was forced onto his face but it vanished soon after, stepping out of the room and going beside the older Lombax, looking back at his therapist. "And yeah... Thanks for today..."

Her head nodded once as if to say to both of them it was no problem. "That's okay, Ratchet. I'm always here to help you, no matter what time or what day it is; if you want to have a chat you just come and see me."

"I'm sure he will." One of his hands ruffled the fur tuff on top of the shorter Lombax's head gently, watching down on him. "Let's head back home then, shall we?"

He acknowledged what Azimuth said, saying goodbye to Lyrica before leaving the building together with Alister, following the elder one to where the ship was parked in the parking lo just across the road. Using his hands, he began to rub his eyes and then yawned from being tired from all the travelling around today and from all of the talking he did with Miss. Anderson during his therapy session.

His amber eyes picked up that the younger seemed exhausted. "You should have a nap when we get home, you look really drained." He finally found his ship and then unlocked it as well as opened the hatch for them to get in.

His shoulders shrugged effortlessly. "Maybe..." The little Lombax then climbed into the elder's ship and sat down onto the passenger's seat, loosely crossing his arms over his chest, waiting for Alister to get in too. He examined as the other got into the ship too, watching as the hatch closed and locked up afterwards.

Azimuth perched himself onto the driver's seat before starting up the ship's engines, once they were warm enough he flew the ship up and off of the planet, leaving the atmosphere and beginning to drive back to Torren IV to go home.

On the way back home Ratchet's eyelids were feeling really heavy due to being really fatigued, more than he originally thought. His eyes close for a moment but before he knew it he was asleep, snoring faintly too.

Long white ears flickered when he heard the sound of soft snoring coming from the seat beside him so he took a quick glimpse at Ratchet to spot that he was sleeping peacefully which made him smile at the sight.

They then soon arrived at home so he entered the planet's atmosphere, finding his house soon after and landing outside the front of it. Once done he turned off the engines and unlocked the hatch again, letting it open too. Alister then jumped out of his ship, walking around to the other side before climbing back onto the ship to carefully pick up the younger Lombax without waking him up. He allowed Ratchet to rest his chin on his broad shoulder and then placed his small arms around his neck to prevent him from falling off, his own stronger arms went underneath the other's knees to support him better. After all of that was sorted out the hatch of the ship closed and locked up once more.

Azimuth stepped over to his house and went indoors straight after, shutting the door with his foot because his hands were full. He walked past the living room because he was going to put Ratchet in bed for now until he woke up later however Clank stopped him from going any further.

The two foot robot saw that the tall white Lombax was carrying his best friend so he presumed that maybe Ratchet was hurt or something similar to that, he strolled up to the other and glanced up at him. "Is Ratchet okay? Why is he passed out? What happened?"

A chuckle escaped his mouth. "It's alright, Clank. He's only asleep. He's completely fine right now." He then walked off and went upstairs, heading to the spare room - which was now technically Ratchet's room anyway from having the younger living here for so long. He stepped into the second bedroom and attentively placed the Lombax onto the double bed. Taking off the other's shoes, he put them down by the end of the bed on the floor. Once all of that is done the blankets were pulled over Ratchet up to his chin, getting tucked in nicely.

One of Azimuth's hands stroked over Ratchet's forehead lightly, not wanting to wake him up but wanting to get him to relax. After feeling that the younger was comfortable in bed and not tense any more, he pulled his hand away and stood up straight. He walked over to the door and switched off the lights, clicking shut the door behind him as he left the room in silence.
Good VS Evil chapter 28
Geez, it's been almost a year since the last chapter - certainly doesn't feel that long ago. But I'm so SO sorry about the looooong wait, I just had loads of crap going on at home and then I lost motivation to do any writing (and drawing) for ages so that wasn't helping. But I think I finally managed to break free from that.

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